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Unlock the true potential of your inventory with our uPlayer technology. Improve your revenue and your pageview per visit rate at the same time.


Deliver contextually relevant video content
and run in-stream ads.

U uPlayer provides various customisable video content and solutions for Publisher’s needs, for example if there is a need to automatically scanned highlighted contents and generate them into a video. Our video player is easily integrated with any video ad servers, that enable Publishers not only increase their in-stream ad revenues, but as well as to but also improve their webpage per visit rate.

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Core Features

Premium Marketplace

Connected to major DSP and SSP. You can generate instant revenue upon setup.

Video Ad server

Maximize yield with high performance architecture which delivers near zero latency. Can integrate with any demand type such as Prebid, VAST, VPAID and open RTB.

Ad Player & Content Player

Customizable to your desire, uPlayer can be used as traditional outstream ad player or content player for instream ads.

Auto video content generator enabler

Improve your audience page view per visit by promoting your own content within your own and operate site(s) on a video form while earning instream ads revenue.

Header Bidding Readiness

Integrate with all major DSP to optimize your yield.

Real Time Dashboard

Real time reporting to help you manage and optimize your yield.


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